With an electronic mailing list, you’ll be able to send out the very same e-mail to a number of recipients at the same time. The mailing list is a collection of their email addresses, so when you send out a single email message to the mailing list’s address, newsletter@domain.com – for instance, it will be re-sent automatically to all the mailing list subscribers momentarily. Normally, people have to subscribe to such a mailing list, but sometimes their addresses can be added manually too, based on the software app that is being used to administer the mailing list. You can use the mailing list option to contact prospective or active customers and to send them announcements, brand-new offers and other types of information on a periodic basis. This will show your commitment to stay in touch with them and will enhance the reputation of your web site.
Mailing Lists in Shared Hosting
In case you’ve got a Linux shared hosting with our company and you want to create an electronic mailing list, it will take no more than 60 seconds and several clicks of the mouse to accomplish that. You can add and delete mailing lists through the Email Manager instrument, which is part of our custom Hepsia Control Panel. During the process, you can pick the mailbox from which you will send messages to your mailing list subscribers and the administrative email address and password that you’ll use, in order to adjust a variety of settings, to approve and delete subscribers, etc. You can change the admin information whenever you like from the exact same section of the Control Panel. We use Majordomo, a popular and powerful mailing list management software, which will grant you full control over the regular email correspondence with your subscribers.
Mailing Lists in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The Email Manager, which is included in our Hepsia Control Panel, will permit you to set up multiple mailing lists when you host your domain names in a semi-dedicated server account with us. Setting up a new list is exceptionally easy – you will just have to enter an administrative email and password and the email address from which your messages will be sent to the subscribers, and then to save them. Using the easy-to-work-with Email Manager, you can also remove existing mailing lists if you no longer want them. Using simple commands, you’ll be able to view a list of all the subscribers for a particular mailing list, to approve new subscription applications, to remove subscribers, and so on. The mailing list management software application that we use is called Majordomo and it offers quite a few features, which you’ll be able to access and edit.